York Physiotherapy

If you have been looking for the best way to deal with your chronic pain, you may be considering York Physiotherapy. This service is available at York Hospital, Selby War Memorial Hospital and at community facilities throughout the city. The first appointment will last one hour and will include assessment and some treatment. Following this initial appointment, appointments can be as short as 30 minutes or as long as an hour. Depending on your condition, physiotherapists may use modalities in addition to manual therapy to help relieve the pain.

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A licensed health care practitioner, physiotherapists work with licensed doctors to provide comprehensive assessment and treatment plans for patients with a wide range of injuries. These therapists are highly trained in orthopaedics and sports injuries. They will provide you with an accurate diagnosis, treatment options and referrals to other health care professionals. A thorough diagnosis is essential to ensuring the best possible recovery. A treatment plan that will keep you moving and playing at your best will be designed by a certified sports physiotherapist.

The York Physiotherapy course combines the knowledge of clinical practice with a problem-solving approach. Lecturers are experienced physiotherapists with research-active backgrounds. Students will complete 1,000 hours of professional practice during their studies, under the guidance of a supervisor. In addition to clinical placements, students will also have the opportunity to complete international placements. Students also engage in case studies and presentations, which will give them valuable experience outside of the classroom. They will also complete a research project in their third year.

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